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What We Do

AgrilinX specialises in professional agricultural consulting services, the acquisition & management of agricultural property investments, all livestock classes, broad acre farming, land and real estate acquisitions. Machinery and infrastructure, trade, export/import.

Agro-Science, soil science, agricultural technology, agricultural IT technology, leading infrastructure technology. AgrilinX also works with investor clientele both domestic and international, and all of whom, generally have a long-term view of their investments requiring professional management services, to receive the best returns from agriculture using world best practice and innovative technology solutions.

Professional consulting services

AgrilinX seeks to be involved in worldwide development projects providing professional consulting services across all areas of agriculture and agribusiness. The Asia Pacific Region.  From infrastructure design concepts through to the development stage and successful operational management. When the project is completed AgrilinX will still partner and support the client until the business is able to stand alone.

AgrilinX works with agricultural communities within the Asia Pacific Region to assist small farming enterprises to develop strategies in lifting production using modern agricultural solutions. 

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