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Four pillars" for successful agricultural
enterprises and farming.

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AgrilinX professional financial advisors with many years’ experience across all areas of agricultural enterprises can provide sound Agricultural Investment advice and opportunities tailored to your financial portfolio, short term or long term. With access to a range of products and investments that outperform Banks consistently. AgrilinX specialises in consistent high performing large-scale Agricultural business enterprises, from raising financial investment capital to development management.

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Agricultural Industries as an investment

Money Funds management facility is a new concept in protecting your personal wealth. If you wish to invest your funds for a short term or long term with access to your funds in 48 hours. Minimum term 3 months maximum term 5 to 10 years.
We can show you how to protect your interests diversify your funds and investment into tangible secure asset portfolios that will increase in value and return you cash flow, in what is currently an uncertain financial world.
Liquidity can be an important factor as you evaluate investments, and consider your overall financial situation. There is no better asset class in an unstable financial system than Agriculture Faming Real Estate , liquidity on hand and at notice without affecting the asset price.

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Successful Investments

Even in the short-term, agriculture had performed well. If we go back to the (GFC) Global Financial Crisis Australian agriculture was rock solid, second only to cash. In lots of ways, agriculture doesn’t suit a listed company that wants an annual dividend, but for patient capital, investors who are serious about taking a – highly profitable term position, there are very few asset classes that are better than agriculture

“Four pillars” for successful agricultural enterprises and farming.

  • Very good management
  • Capitalisation – making sure money is there when you need it
  • Economies of scale – you would expect funds and sophisticated investors to have money to get a large enough property
  • Location – the right rainfall, soil, near the market and access to logistics

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AgrilinX works with investor clientele both domestic and international, and all of whom, generally have a long-term view of their investments requiring professional management services, to receive the best returns from agriculture using world best practice and innovative technology solutions.

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Over 40 years of experience

AgrilinX International mission is to respectfully grow people and business within the Agricultural Agribusiness community. Developing collaborative healthy long term sustainable financial solutions in food security and food production systems.

AgrilinX has extensive experience in the establishment of agribusiness and commercial farms enterprises across all mediums of agricultural and can assist, private enterprise, organisations and Governments in revitalising existing agricultural projects and implementing projects from inception to operational success

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