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New Agricultural and Livestock Development

Livestock operations are becoming more efficient with new advanced technology. AgrilinX can offer services across all areas of livestock production. Which includes technology available for cattle, dairy, pork, lamb, and all poultry operations.

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Using advanced technology, genomics in
animal breeding management

Increased efficiency of animal production and animal welfare is a big part of AgrilinX focus. Using advanced technology, genomics in animal breeding management systems to determine, predict animal performance outcomes is available now. Using (AI) artificial insemination and embryo transfer (ET), identifying gene traits, will become a cost-effective way to genotype animals for several traits that we like to measure, such as weights and growth, carcass traits, and even feed intake and conversion. AgrilinX can work with you to provide the possible breeding program outcomes for your livestock business. Including the export of live animals, straws and embryos.

AgrilinX International

New Agricultural & Livestock Development

AgrilinX also specialises in new agricultural and livestock development projects from concept, to infrastructure design and end to end successful financial management systems.

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Being a performance leader, means we will achieve operational excellence, industry-leading customer satisfaction and superior financial performance. Profitable growth through unrivalled client service, innovation, technology, quality and commitment.

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Over 40 years of experience

AgrilinX International mission is to respectfully grow people and business within the Agricultural Agribusiness community. Developing collaborative healthy long term sustainable financial solutions in food security and food production systems.

AgrilinX has extensive experience in the establishment of agribusiness and commercial farms enterprises across all mediums of agricultural and can assist, private enterprise, organisations and Governments in revitalising existing agricultural projects and implementing projects from inception to operational success

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